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One of the reason why so many of us are looking forward for retirement is no more commuting to and from, no more traffic, no more road rage and best of all, if you live in my neck of the woods, no more snow storm to deal with.roadtraffic

Supplementing your income for retirement will, definitely not, be going back on the road if you can avoid it.

So why not work from home.


We all have interest, heck some of us are specialist in one or many topics or subjects that the population could benefit. The fact that we have, or will, retire does not mean that we stop living.

In the contrary, I believe is it just the next step.

Look at me for example, I’m a Phys. Ed. Teacher and I have a passion for fishing. I did not think it, but it looks like I know quite a bit about the subject, so I’m building a website for people that want to learn about bass fishing.

That will be my home business.

All of us go to the web for information, for conversing or purchasing products. Why would I not benefit from that world. But more important, why would the world not benefit from my experience.

The only challenge that I’m faced with is how. I know about my subject, my niche, my specialty.

But the web !!! That’s another thing in itself.error-102074_1920

I needed a place that I could get all my information on how to publicize my knowledge. One place that I would get it all.

I found Wealthy Affiliate. A community of professional on how to start your own business on the web.

They have what I lack of, how to do stuff on the web. How to be profitable on the web.

Which will result in a retirement supplement income for me.

They are honest no bull… or no pressure.

You have nothing to lose.

Check it out.

Feel free to ask me a question. I’m here to help


Founder of : How to supplement your retirement income


  1. Hi Carl. I like your site design. We have the same goal to work from home. Hope we can achieve it together. Cheers!!

    • Hi Rozzaq
      Working from home in a few years is my goal. I believe if we work hard now we can relax a little later.
      Thanks for taking the time to visit me site. Don’t hesitate to come back.

  2. Hi Carl, the convenience of working from home is one of the goals I eventually want to attain. I’ve been in search of programs that will let me reach this. Wealthy Affiliate is another program I hope that can help me reach this. Also its free to try, so why not! 🙂

    • You’re totally right, jp83. You will see WA is amazing. I was surprize by what they offer for free.
      Thanks for your interest in my website. Don’t hesitate to come back

  3. Very nice website lots of good pictures and good content. W/A is one of the best hosting and website building sites out there.

  4. I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate. But what most amazes me about Wealthy Affiliate is the way they training its members. You get to learn a lesson, then you get to actually do tasks associated with what you have just learn. Man, how cool is that!

  5. Carl,
    Looks good and some really good goals. I have kids to get through college and then retirement looms, so supplementing income online is a definite goal and Wealthy Affiliate looks better than any other opportunity I have checked out.


    • You won’t be disappointed with WA I can tell you that. Thanks for the visit Paul and I hope to talk to you again.

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